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dear you ♥ ♥
02 November 2011 | 0 lover

Dear you ,

I want to fall aslepp kissing you.

I want to roll over in the night and fell your arms around me.

I want to wake up in the morning to see your face.

I want to feel your arms wrap themselvesaround me and feel your handson my back as you push me closer to you.

I want you to whisper in my ear and make me laugh :)

I want to kiss your soft  lips and open my eyes to see you smiling to me .

I love that we can talk about anything. The most important and the most pointless things.

Everything matters when we understand each others.

I love when you hook me under my chin to pull me into a kiss .

awwww ~ shoooo sweet yg atas nie kan ? :) nak boleh , hahaha . DAYDREAM :) kcukupp , act , this is not the topic , it's about dear M . sape tuhh sape tuhh ? hah ! nie dia nama dia :) MegatDanial MegatKeflee :) atotototo , panjang boleh nama dia . diam tak diam , dah 3 hari aku msg dia , cehh --' baru 3 hari dah kecoh --' bangang . suka aku laa . dalam 3 hari aku kenal dia siked jea laaa , siked jea . haha , okayy okayy , dia baik , caring , atotototo , please ehh dear M . kau jgn nak kembang sangad , amek hati jea nie . heee . okayy , tapy , serious shit , dia baek . wahhh , thank you cause hari hari msg i >< sorry dgn perangai i >< haha , i jahad kan ? tak reply msg you selalu ? sorry , i selalu busy . kahkahkah , busy tydo . hahaha . kcukupp , penad leerr cite pasal dia >< nanti laa sambung ><

p/s : DEAR M <3 thank you hari hari msg i :) ILOVEYOU laa . hahaha :>
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